©Photo: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Working in the field of scenography, performance and drawing I place value in the personal and intimate story and I use confusion and deconstruction as main tools of development. The exacerbation of first- hand emotions and nostalgia connect and create a new fictional genre. It is intuition, not intellect that guiedes me.

The yearning for the lost and abandoned home, the feeling of loneliness and the desire to recall the past, are depicted in the form of a self-portrait, a fantasy image.

My art practice examine the blends between trauma and nostalgia, joy and sadness.

©Photo: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria





2023 IEK Berlin, Art Therapy and Creative Therapy

2016 Diploma with Nomination for the Academy of Fine Arts by Prof. Anna Viebrock

2012-2016 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Masterclass for Scenography by Prof. Erich Wonder, Nicole Timm and Anna Viebrock (AT)

2012 University of Vienna, Guest student, Theatre, Film and Media Studies (AT)

2011 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Guest student, Stage and Costume Design by Prof. Martin Zehetgruber (DE)

2008-2011 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, Architecture (DE)


Theatre and Film

2024 Costume design "Sturm", dir. Michel Schröder; Sankt Gallen Theater/ Komiktheater (CH)

2023 Costume design "Shokolad", /in production/ dir. Orlin Milchev; Sofia (BG)

2022 Set and Costume design assistant "Little Lives", dir: Christiane Pohle, design: Charlotte Pistorius; Munich Biennale (DE)

2021 Costume design "ANNA" dir. Bono Ilkov; Sofia (BG) ( Nominated for best costume design by Bulgarian National Film Center)

2021 Costume design assistant "Giuditta", dir: Christoph Marthaler, design: Anna Viebrock; Bavarian State Opera; Munich (DE)

2021 Set and Costume design “onetone”, by: Laura Endres, Nathan Watts and Iva Ivanova; Sofia (BG)

2021 Costume design assistant "Orphée et Euridice", dir: Christoph Marthaler, design: Anna Viebrock; Opernhaus Zürich (CH)

2020 Costume design "Prerogative Lips", dir: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh and Myassa Kraitt (KdM); Vienna (AT)

2020 Costume design "Heidi", /in producion/ dir: Iva Ivanova and Sachiko Hara; Zurich (CH)

2019 Costume design  "Hamburg- Salon in Osaka", dir: Sachiko Hara; Osaka (JP)

2019 Costume design "Der Reisende", dir: Manon Pfrunder; Schauspielhaus Zürich (CH)

2018-2020 Costume design assistant at Schauspielhaus Zürich (CH)

2018 Set and Costume design "BADABUM", dir: Bobby M.Klein; Berlin (DE)

2018 Costume design assistant "Hänsel und Gretel", dir: Tiit Ojasoo; design and dir: Ene-Liis Semper; Thalia Theater Hamburg (DE)

2017 Costume design "D-minor", dir: Sophie Renier; Wuzhen Theatre Festival; Wuzhen (CN)

2017 Set design "Die Frauen der Constantia – Emanzipation, Moderne und Nationalismus",  dir: Bettina Henkel; Vienna (AT)

2017 Costume design "FremdKörper - The social life of strange", dir: Ulduz Ahmadzadeh; WUK; Vienna (AT)

2017 Costume design assistant "Nathan der Weise", dir: Nikolaus Habjan, design: Denise Heschl; Volkstheater Vienna (AT)

2016 Costume design "Ideal Paradise", dir: Claudia Bosse; Vienna (AT)

2016 Stage and costume design assistant “Hose Fahrrad Frau”, dir: Holle Münster, design: Thea Hofmann-Axthelm; Volkstheater Vienna (AT)

2016 Stage design assistant (internship) "Hallelujah (Ein Reservat)", dir: Christoph Marthaler, design: Anna Viebrock; Volksbühne Berlin (DE)

2013 Set design "Eisprung mit Papa", dir: Paul Ploberger; Vienna (AT)


2022 “REVOLVE", by: Iveilna Dokova, Hristiana Yordanova, Iva Ivanova and Kalin Mihov; Mantova (IT)

2021 “onetone”, by: Laura Endres, Nathan Watts and Iva Ivanova; Sofia (BG)

2020 "Heidi", /in production/  dir: Sachiko Hara and Iva Ivanova; Zurich (CH)

2018 “Export”, art direction: Iva Ivanova; Vienna (AT)

2017 "Export", art direction: Iva Ivanova; Shanghai (CN)

2016 "Echotecture", co-production Klangforum Wien; Vienna (AT)

2015 "KILL WILL", art direction: Iva Ivanova; Vienna (AT)

2014 "WILL WILL"  group show;  Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)



2023 Little Bird Place; Leshten (BG)

2022 R84 Multifactory; Mantova (IT)

2022 Drama Pakt; Sinemoretz (BG)

2022 Baba Residency; Gorno Peshtene (BG)

2021 180° laboratory for innovative art; Sofia (BG)
2021 SPAM! (postponed); Lucca (IT)
2021 NY20+ (postponed); Chengdu (CN)

2020 Altes Spiral Solothurn (postponed); Solothurn (CH)

2020 Derida Dance Centre (postponed); Sofia (BG)

2017 Swatch Art Peace Hotel (6 months); Shanghai (CN)


2022 “Weihnachtsbaum goes Wasserkirche”, Wasserkirche Zurich, group show and charity auction; Zurich (CH)

2022 “GERMAN”, former health center, group show; Gorno Peshtene (BG)
2022 “Climartistique”, Yought centre Vratsa, group show; Vratsa (BG)

2022 "fleisch 2,99", Creative cluster, group show; Vienna (AT)

2017 "Bobby the blue dog", Open Studio, Swatch Art Peace Hotel; Shanghai (CN)

2016 "Die Oma meines Bruders", Diploma exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

2014 "Sehen und sagen", Hotel Le Meridien, group show; Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)

2010 "Der Tiger von Venedig", Architecture Biennale Venice, Austrian pavilion, group show; ABK Stuttgart; Venice (IT)



2020 "The coventgardener", winter issue cover competition, London (ENG)

2020 "Der Streik", rehearsal drawings published by Schauspielhaus Zurich (CH)

2017 "Flip me down", self -published artist book; Shanghai (CN)



2016 Scholarship for doing an internship abroad, European Union Erasmus (4 months in Berlin)

2016 Advancement scholarship ("Die Oma meines Bruders") from Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy