Iva Ivanova

born in Sofia, Bulgaria

Working in the field of scenography, performance and drawing I place value in the personal and intimate story and use confusion and deconstruction as main tools of development. The exacerbation of first- hand emotions, nostalgia and longing for the Unseen connect and create a new fictional genre. My works grow from the contradiction between the isolated individual and the shared awareness of the group. It is intuition, not intellect that guiedes me: an inner dialogue.

The yearning for the lost and abandoned home, the feeling of loneliness and the desire to recall the past, are depicted in the form of a self-portrait, a fantasy image. My art practice examine the blends between trauma and nostalgia, joy and sadness.

It is impossible to capture the beauty of the past. I abandon my past every day and because I can't accept it I am recreating it.

┬ęPhoto: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

┬ęPhoto: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek