Ideal Paradise is a parcour, an urban intervention enabled through 27 performers. Throughout the performance municipal spaces in Vienna are analized and intellectually reorganized.

Starting point is a fallow site in the 6th district, an abandoned gap site in the middle of the city.

In the hangar of the second hand shop carla mittersteig the order of the used daily objects builds an archive for unforeseen relations between humans and things.

Concept/Artistic director: Claudia Bosse

Performance: Günther Auer, Léonard Bertholet, Rotraud Kern, Alexandra Sommerfeld, Florian Tröbinger, Ilse Urbanek;

Choir: Jad Al-Mubaraki, Cosima Baum, Sarah Binder, Marlene Grois, Monika Has, Ahmed Hashim, Anna Hirschmann, Vicky Klug, Melanie Konrad, Bozena Kunstek, Anne Megier, Christina Maria Murer, Luzia Rux, Ahmed Saeed, Johanna Urban, Xandi Vogler, Isabella Voicu, Monika Volk, Hayder Wahab, Michaela Wolf, Christa Zuna-Kratky

Sound: Günther Auer

Technical director: Paul Horn

Costumes: Iva Ivanova, Anna-Sofie Lugmeier, Evamaria Müller

21. -25.06. 2016



© Photos: Eva Wuerdinger